Ensenada Mexico: Bajas Official Tourist Destination!

Port of Ensenada

A favorite tourist destination for years now, Ensenada, also known as De Todos Santos is located south of Tijuana and sits on Bahia de Todos Santos. A 90 minute drive from San Diego, Ensenada is one of the leading and biggest cities in the Mexican state of Baja California.

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Ensenada Mexico: Bajas Official Tourist Destination!

This beautiful city is also commonly known as the Cinderella of the Pacific and is accompanied with a friendly atmosphere and warm Mediterranean climate. It is usually packed over the weekends with cruise ship passengers, local residents and partying southern Californians.

Ensenada offers great night time entertainments where you can enjoy the wonderful south of the border ambiance. This second most visited port of call for pleasure boats and cruise lines is also an important commercial and fishing port. It is accessible by land, sea or air.

Driving or sailing around in your own car or boat will require you to have a Mexican auto insurance which is provided by authorized Mexican institutions. The insurance is important for any liability purposes and can be paid on a daily or monthly basis depending on your needs.

The town is coupled with various accommodation choices which include resorts, modern and major hotel chains, traditional motels, camps tailored to suit your every need. Ensenada is suitably located at approximately 110 kilometers south of the border with the US. Aside from this, the city is also coupled with quality high end tourist attraction sites which include dive spots, beautiful beaches, nice parks, vine yards and golf courses. There are many things to do, places to visit and excellent eating places.

Additionally, apart from the easy to access exciting destinations, many tourists return to this amazing place due to its thrills, calm and relaxing atmosphere. The town also has various celebrated surfing spots alongside other fun filling activities to engage. For instance there is an excellent nightlife filled with parties, exceptional shopping and fishing.

What is more, you can also enjoy fine dining from sampling various foods like eating genuine tacos, steak dinners, the freshest sea foods and also other great Mexican foods just about anywhere in the town. If you are in search for an ideal place to stay, to have real fun and collect beautiful memories, < a href=”https://www.enjoyensenada.com/”>Ensenada</a>is the best choice for you.

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