Enjoy the World Class Beaches of La Paz, Mexico!

Baja Beach

Like many Californians, you have probably made the journey down to Cabo San Lucas at least once. While Cabo has a lot to offer, it is also very busy and not necessary laid back. If you are looking for a quieter beach experience, you should head over to nearby La Paz. With a quality Mexican insurance residents policy, you can drive all the way down the Baja Peninsula to La Paz. Once there, you can explore the area’s exceptional beaches at your leisure.

Planning a Trip to La Paz

The most important aspect of planning a trip to La Paz is procuring Mexican auto insurance for California residents. Without a reliable Mexican car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store for California residents policy, a small fenderbender could land you squarely in jail. Once youve purchased your Mexico car insurance, you can steer your car south until you get to La Paz. There are plenty of options down there in terms of accommodations, so you shouldnt have any trouble finding an ideal place to stay during your visit.

Whats the Best Beach in La Paz?

While La Paz has beaches within its city limits, the best ones are actually outside of the city. Most locals will tell you that the very best beach of all can only be visited by traveling over to the nearby island of Isla Espirito Santo. You can rent a boat to make the journey across the waters of the Sea of Cortez to this uninhabited island. There, you will marvel at the ultra soft sands and gorgeous volcanic rock formations that dot the island. For a few hours, you will be able to experience a little slice of paradise.

El Coromuel, A Convenient Option

If you arent in the mood for renting a boat and traveling to Isla Espirito Santo, dont worry, there are more conveniently located options near La Paz, too. Just to the north of the city, in fact, youll find El Coromuel. This beach is nice because it is located on the Ensenada de la Paz harbor. Also, it can be accessed by the Malecon, or boardwalk, that helps to make La Paz so famous. Theres nothing like a leisurely stroll along the Malecon, followed by a relaxing day on the beach. Enjoy the world class beaches of La Paz!

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