Enjoy the Rustic Charm of Maruata, Mexico!

Morelia Michoacan, Mexico.

Its becoming more and more difficult to find parts of the world that are truly pristine, largely untouched and mostly undeveloped. Thats especially true in Mexico, whose booming tourism trade has transformed many once sleepy seaside villages into highly developed resort towns. If you want to get back to nature in a subtropical climate, the sleepy town of Maruata is a great place to do so. The settlement is comprised of bands of indigenous peoples who have rejected attempts at tourism development. As a result, it has remained very low kay and rustic. Go buy Mexican insurance online and head on down; Maruata is located along the Pacific in the state of. As long as you keep Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance Store with you during your drive, you will be able to get down there safely and soundly.

An Eco Tourism Mecca

While Maruata has managed to avoid the over development that pleagues other parts of Mexico, it has earned a reputation for being a backpacking and eco tourism mecca. Travelers routinely invest in Mexican auto insurance coverage and head down to this idyllic place. If you are thinking of doing so yourself, you might want to avoid June through November, when hurricanes are most likely to hit. With a Mexican insurance policy, you can get down to Maruata and see its rustic charms for yourself. Do not attempt to drive all the way down without Mexican auto insurance.

Take in Fresh Sea Breezes

The climate of Maruata is wonderfully unique. On the one hand, it is in the desert. You will see many cacti and other desert plants around the area. On the other, the climate here is undeniably subtropical. This unique mix makes for a very interesting time. While you may start getting too hot while you’re out and about, occasional breezes off of the ocean will help to cool you down. Whether you’re hanging out at the local lagoon or directly on the beach, you are sure to love the pleasant blend of climates that coexist in this special place.

Be Careful

Camping on the beach is the thing to do in Maruata. That being said, always put safety first. There are pigs that roam freely around the area. If you leave food uncovered, they will try to get into your tents to get at it. Never keep money or other valuables out, as thieves do pass through the area. As long as you use a little bit of common sense, your visit to Maruata should go smoothly. Although there arent towering resorts in this area, there are a wonderfully close knit community of backpackers sure to win you over. Enjoy the rustic charm of Maruata, Mexico!

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