Enjoy Sea Kayaking in Mexico’s Gulf of California and the Best Mexican Insurance!

“A kayaker floats on the Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico”

If youre the adventurous and athletic sort, you probably already have a natural tendency to seek out the more exciting things in life. If you havent been sea kayaking on Mexicos Baja peninsula though, youve really been missing out. This lovely region is studded with a multitude of gorgeous islands, many impossibly small but delightful to behold.

Get the Best Mexican Insurance Before Leaving

The drive down to Bahia de los Angeles, a sea kayaking hot spot on the Baja Peninsulas eastern coast, is about 425 miles from San Diego. Youll need the best Mexican insurance to make the trip safely. Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com is very affordable. Go online and buy a Mexico car insurance policy in just a few short minutes. Youll be able to drive to and from Bahia de los Angeles without a care in the world when you have Mexican auto insurance. If an accident does happen along the way, youll be glad youre covered by the best Mexican insurance.

Explore the Wide Open Sea

Sea kayaking has become more and more popular in and around the Bahia de los Angeles area which is about one third of the way down the Baja Peninsula. Still, youre not going to encounter swarms of rabid kayakers. Instead, you and your friends should be able to enjoy plenty of solitude as you explore this beautiful area. Youre sure to appreciate the abundant natural beauty of the Gulf of California, too. If youre really feeling adventurous, plan on camping out and making it a multiple day excursion. Youll never forget it.

Check Out Some Amazing Islands

So many small islands dot the waters off of Bahia de los Angeles that many arent even really named. However, there are a few islands of note. One of the largest, Isla Coronado, is about six full miles long. If you can get there, its well worth the sore arms. Be sure to check out the lighthouse at Punta Arena too, its one of those naturally picturesque landmarks that is sure to provide plenty of prime photo opportunities. No matter where you end up steering your kayak, youre bound to have the time of your life in the Baja Peninsula’s lovely Gulf of California.

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