Enjoy Peace and Solitude in Troncones, Mexico!

Palm tree on Long beach.

Are you ready to kick back and relax during a genuinely peaceful, quiet beach vacation? Would you like to steer clear of large crowds of people in favor of a low-key environment and a laid-back ambiance? If so, Troncones, Mexico, is a prime place to consider. This idyllic seaside village is located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, about 20 miles to the north of Zihuatanego. Although several fishermen have been flocking to the community in recent years, it remains incredibly secluded and peaceful.

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Explore Seaside Caves and Waterfalls

You’ll have no trouble finding secluded places on the beach to settle on for the day while in Troncones. However, keep in mind that the area has more to offer than gorgeous beaches. For instance, you can find sea caves in the vicinity and explore them to your heart’s content. In addition, a very popular and picturesque waterfall, Cascadas Artesianas, is also right within the immediate area. Both options allow you to get a better sense of the beauty of this beautiful part of Mexico. Ask a local to give you a personal tour of these places for the best results. Unfortunately, only two actual hotels are available for those who visit here. As a result, it pays to make your plans to visit Troncones as early as possible. The wait is more than worth it since you could end up with an entire stretch of beach to yourself.

Try Your Hand at Surfing

Troncones Point is the local surfing hot spot. Although it doesn’t boast insanely huge waves, it offers challenges due to the large concentration of rocks along its waters. If you’ve never surfed before, it pays to take lessons. The local hotels and a few other establishments offer surfing lessons. If you already know how to surf pretty well, watch others before jumping in. Due to the rocks, you could get more than you’d bargained for when you get into the surf at Troncones Point. Beyond those words of warning, though, you’re bound to have a fantastic time!

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