Enjoy Mexico (When you can’t be in Mexico because of COVID-19)

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us in the USA and Canada are desperate to enjoy Mexico. We’re suffering from significant withdrawals.

We long to travel to Mexico and share in its many riches. From culture, community, food and as at least one person put it, Tequila, we are all longing to return to Mexico.

What can we do now?

With travel restrictions in place, both locally and abroad, it’s difficult to plan a trip anywhere, yet alone, south of the border. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to enjoy ‘Mexico’ and be at our best when we can return.

Mexican Insurance Store is committed to providing real, honest, and authentic information about Mexico. We’ve hired the best travel writers to craft stories that are both entertaining and informative.

Some of those stories end up here on our blog page. The big feature-length articles end up on our external page called, “Tips, Secrets, and Practical Advice for Traveling Mexico.”

On that site we commissioned an award-winning story called, “Eight Ways to Experience Mexico When You Can’t Be in Mexico.”

There, you can discover the many ways you can enjoy the best of Mexican Culture and prepare to have the best experience of your life, when you return to Mexico.

Whether it’s an illness, injury, finances, or COVID-19, there are many ways to still enjoy Mexico.

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