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Mexican auto insurance online

Baja Highway 1 coast

Mexican auto insurance online – Enjoy Baja Seafood Across the Border

Baja Norte provides you with plenty of opportunities in both formal and informal settings to enjoy some of the best seafood available. Although you don’t typically need to worry about officials stopping you to check for Mexican auto insurance online, you should be aware that changes in the nation’s law could result in a stronger enforcement of such policies. You won’t enjoy the catch of the day if you are caught driving without proper coverage for your automobile. Mexico insurance became mandatory for all motorists in the last year, and Mexican officials have been known to suddenly implement more strict monitoring for various regulations and compliance issues. Play it safe by carrying the right coverage based on your travel plans.

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Seafood must-haves as you travel through Baja Norte

Fortunately, you don’t have to drive far after you cross the border to reach Ensenada, one of the top locations for fresh seafood. Only an hour past the border, the community is considered to be the point of origin for the fish taco, one of the most popular foods on the peninsula. Even if you aren’t particularly fond of fish, you must try one. Your mind may be forever changed. You may even want to plan for a return trip in late September to participate in the Baja Seafood Expo that is hosted in Ensenada. Although the expo is aimed at businesses, it may be the impetus you need to begin your own seafood business back home.

Be sure to log onto your  account to select a new policy before heading to the event. Short-term Mexico insurance will not carry over to a trip down the road. However, you can buy coverage on a long-term basis for frequent travel and repeat trips to save money and time. Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance online is required to use the toll roads, so pick up Mexico insurance ahead of time.

Another seafood must try close to the border is Puerto Nuevo’s lobster village. Many individuals will travel across the border simply to enjoy dinner in the scenic seaside community that grew as a result of a delicious approach to preparing langosta, lobster. If you want to enjoy a longer drive, however, make it a weekend trip that includes options like clam cocktails in San Quintín and mussels in El Rosario.

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  • Pauletta Stanfill
    July 26, 2015 5:28 pm

    Baja Seafood Expo is an educational event featuring experts sharing tips for competing international market seafood. It maintains the security and health of marine environment in Mexico. Bring your Mexican insurance if you plan to see this event.

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