Enjoy a Backpacking Trip Around Mexico!

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Its the simpliest thing you can do in a foreign country, and especially one as beautiful as Mexico: Backpacking. Mexico continues to be a very cost effective option for those with wanderlust; If youd like to enjoy the financial benefits of backpacking through Mexico, primarily by staying in hostels and eating street food without the risk, driving south of the border is an excellent compromise. Unlike flying, driving across the border is very cheap to do. As long as you protect yourself adequately, youll be able to travel throughout Mexico for very little money. Learn more about the benefits of seeing Mexico on the cheap below.

Avoid Snafus with Mexican Insurance

As long as your car is in reasonable shape, it should serve you well in Mexico. Your car insurance will be invalid south of the border, though, so you’ll need to buy Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store. Luckily, it’s a breeze to find Mexico car insurance online. Mexican auto insurance online meshes well with a low cost vacation, since its so inexpensive. Buy the Mexican auto insurance that you need for the appropriate amount of time; keep your Mexican insurance policy in your car at all times as you explore different parts of this fascinating country.

Stay in Hostels and Save

Like many other countries, Mexico is dotted with plenty of very affordable hostels. Of course, these are bare bones establishments where youll be lucky to have a bathroom to yourself. In fact, you will almost certainly be sharing bathrooms and sleeping quarters with strangers. However, the trade off is  paying a tiny fraction of what you would be for staying in a regular hotel. If your genuine intent in visiting Mexico is to see the sights, theres no good reason not to stay in hostels. They are simply places to sleep in between excursions.

Eat Like a King on the Street

Mexico is famous for its phenomenal street food. In some major cities, the best you can hope for is a hot dog and a bag of chips; in many Mexican cities, even small ones, you can feast on a vast range of tempting Mexican cuisine. Tacos, burritos and other traditional Mexican fare abounds in carts along many streets. Prices for food from such places are ridiculously low; your food budget will be miniscule. Most importantly, you will never feel deprived. Youll always have delicious, fresh food to enjoy wherever you go. Enjoy a backpacking trip around Mexico!

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