Encounter Amazing Sea Creatures at the Xel Ha Aquatic Theme Park in Mexico!

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Scenic Cancun highway.

If one things for sure, its this: You will never run out of fun, unique things to do in Mexico. Over on the Mayan Riviera, which stretches along the Caribbean coast of Mexico, you can take your pick from resort towns like Cancun and stunning archeological sites. If youd like to get acquainted with the region’s colorful sea life, pay a visit to the Xel Ha aquatic theme park. Simply buy some Mexican auto insurance safely and head down to the state of Quintana Roo. Youll basically need to drive to Cancun, so make sure to buy quality car insurance for Mexico at mexicaninsurancestore.com to protect you during your journey. The park is located about 75 miles south of Cancun; as long as you have a Mexican car insurance online policy on hand, any potential issues on the road will be resolved with ease.

Is Xel Ha a Water Park?

Many people get confused when they read about Xel Ha. Since it is often billed as an aquatic theme park or even a water park, many folks think it’s the type of place that has twisting water slides and lazy rivers. That is not the case, though. Before buying your Mexico car insurance safely and driving down, you need to understand that Xel Ha is all about natures natural wonders. Its a place that allows visitors to get up close and personal with an amazing assortment of creatures who live under the sea. It is not a thrill park by any means.

Things to Do at Xel Ha

Just because there are no exhilarating water slides at Xel Ha doesn’t mean its a dull place. In fact, quite the opposite, as the park is built around a natural lagoon and inlet. A shark fence has been constructed in order to keep the waters as safe as can be. However, other sea critters are able to slip through. Therefore, visitors can swim around the lagoon, snorkel and explore its grottoes and caves. You are sure to marvel at the colorful range of fish and other creatures that you will see.

Experience it All

There’s even more to do at Xel Ha beyond snorkeling and checking out the fish. You can, for instance, swim with the dolphins; that is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Theres also a turtle reserve on the premises, where you can see what the unique creatures are all about. The park has been wowing crowds since it first opened back in 1980. Once youve spent a day there, you will see why its been such an enduring mainstay in this part of Mexico. While its not a thrill per minute theme park, it is a place that offers some truly wonderful experiences.

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