It’s easy to cross the border into Tijuana fast with Mexican insurance near me

It’s easy to cross the border into Tijuana fast with Mexican insurance near me

Have you ever tried driving across the border to Tijuana for a short time? It’s not as difficult as you might think, especially if you live in a border state like California. The drive might seem intimidating if you’re not used to speaking español. However, once you cross the border and experience life in Mexico, you’ll get used to it quickly. The following are a few examples of what to do across the border.

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Taco Alley

Street tacos are the name of the game in Tijuana. You’d understand why if you’ve ever watched the Tijuana episode of No Reservations featuring the late Anthony Bourdain.

There’s a place called Taco Alley that’s open 24 hours a day for locals and tourists alike to visit. You can find traditional tacos, but the marinated meats are really something special. Tacos Tres Las Salsas enthusiasts will tell you their carne asasa and chorizo are top-notch. And, of course, down in Mexico, they make their own tortillas. They’re so good you’ll want to buy a bunch to take home. (Luckily, they sell them too)

Las Ahumaderas is a hot spot, but Tacos Tres Las Salsas is our personal favorite. (Ask for “con todo,” which means “with everything)

Telefónica Gastro Park

If street tacos are your thing, but you and your group want something a little different in Tijuana, try Telefónica Gastro Park. The indoor/outdoor space is a lively spot to drink a few beers and sample Mexican food in a more relaxed setting. It’s an excellent spot to meet with friends for a day trip. Just remember the parking lot is sometimes full.

The Tijuana Cultural Center

Not everyone heads to Mexico to stuff themselves. But, as we hinted earlier, some of you have been to Tijuana more than once and want to try something new.

Check out the Tijuana Cultural Center. One of the iconic landmarks of an architecturally fascinating city, CECUT is home to an abundance of culture and arts. The round-looking building is actually an IMAX theatre. There’s also an aquarium, a giant movie theatre, a Lucha Libre arena, and more. CECUT is also the destination for the Museo de las Californias and is revered by the locals. Over a million people visit the famous spot every year. Just remember to purchase Mexican insurance near me, and enjoy the drive!

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