Driving To Mexico: Something for Everyone!

Highway 1 running along Pacific coast.

Just because you dont want to drink the water doesnt mean you dont want to play in it. One of the great attractions to visiting Mexico is its extensive coastal area, with the opportunity for great weather and terrific beaches – not all of which, fortunately, are constantly overrun with tourists. A bit of checking around will turn up some lesser-known spots that have more benefits and fewer drawbacks than a crowded Cancun area can sometimes bring.

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For many, just lounging by the beach holding a drink with an umbrella in it is about as active as they want to get. For others, there are endless sports and activities available in, on, and out of the water. Sailing and yachting, at the pricier ends; parasailing, for a thrill thats not as scary as it looks or may sound; jet skiing and water skiing; and of course canoe and kayak.

Mexico is unique as you can also horseback ride on the beaches as well as rent an ATV for a unmatched beach adventure, especially since in the US (where these types of fun activities are frowned upon as being overly libelous) you cant enjoy these activities at the beach.

Mexicos Yucatán attracts many for the gorgeous sights — scenery like the worlds second largest coral reef, populated with amazing many-colored fish and other exotic fauna and flora: a sought-out spot for scuba diving (for which you need a license, but you can take lessons and be ready in as little as two days, at least theoretically), and be exploring underwater caves if you are feeling extra adventurous. For those who want to explore but arent quite up to all that diving entails, theres snorkeling.

Snorkeling allows you to get up close and personal with the underwater life that is native to Mexicos beautiful waters. The cost of snorkeling is very affordable with tours and lessons available. Other way to get close to marine life include deep sea diving, submarine tours, and fishing – all activities which are available most times of the year in these warm waters. Driving To Mexico: Something for Everyone!

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