Driving Down to Guatemala and Beyond through Mexico!

Old school bus used as public transport by Todos Santos Cuchumatan in Guatemala.

The fact that its possible to drive down to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica doesnt cross the minds of many people in North America. To be fair, the distances to such places, even from border areas like Texas and California, are vast. However, if you’re enjoying a gap year between high school and college or embarking on your retired years, there’s no reason not to hit the road. Mexico is the largest country youll drive through, and you need top quality Mexico auto insurance to get through safely.

Getting Through Mexico

The longest leg in your journey down to Guatemala and beyond is going to be Mexico. You definitely need good Mexico insurance in order to drive through the country safely. Without Mexican auto insurance from online Mexican Insurance Store, you could end up sitting behind bars; and if that doesn’t put a damper on the rest of your plans, nothing will! Despite its sometimes bad reputation, Mexico is a joy to drive through. Knowing that you are protected by Mexican car insurance is sure to put you at ease as you make your way south to Guatemala.

Obeying the Law

While you are in Mexico, never forget the fact that you are in a foreign country. If its important to obey the laws of Canada and the U.S., its even more important to do so down in Mexico. The authorities south of the border are less likely to be lenient on outsiders; its just the way the culture works in Mexico. If authorities sense you are flouting their laws, they will throw the book at you. That book can include time behind bars and the impounding of your vehicle.

Enjoying an Unforgettable Adventure

By the time you get to the Guatemala Mexico border, you are sure to be pretty tired of driving. It might be a good idea to plan on staying put in a town along the ocean at this point. There are plenty of quaint villages and sleepy seaside towns from which to choose. Just remember you arent going to find the bustling resort towns that you will farther north. Whether your ultimate destination is Guatemala or Costa Rica, you are bound to have an absolutely incredible time on your way down. Someday, you will look back on your journey with fondness and happiness! Driving down to Guatemala and beyond through Mexico!

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