Drive Your RV into Mexico!

RVs camping on a Mexican Beach

Camping in Mexico can be a very wonderful experience. Many people simply pack up tents and head across the border; if you own an RV, though, you may want to try taking into Mexico. There’s no major issue with doing so, but you do need to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage. Beyond that, you are sure to be thrilled with the inexpensive RV parks that are readily available. They are especially abundant on the Baja California peninsula, so make sure to put that scenic area at the top of your list.

Print a Mexican Insurance Policy

Go online and buy Mexican auto insurance at online before you leave. Select the Mexican car insurance policy that works for you; print it out. Always keep proof of your Mexican insurance online policy with you. You never know when your Mexican auto insurance will be needed, so never go anywhere without it. Mexican car insurance is not optional. Without it, your whole trip could be compromised. Always buy it ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about being ripped off at the border.

Take Your Pick of RV Parks

You are sure to be blown away by the huge number of RV parks that are in Mexico. Many of them are geared specifically toward Americans and Canadians, too, so it’s easy to find people there who speak English. Even if the people don’t speak English, most can do so well enough to get by. Just to be safe, always bring along a Spanish-to-English dictionary. That way, you can always communicate in a pinch. When you find a suitable RV park, stay for as long as you’d like; most of the time, there’s no limit.

See the Countryside

While there are RV parks in metropolitan areas in Mexico, the best ones are out in the countryside or in beach communities. Those are generally the best places to park your RV, since you will truly be able to see and enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico. Take your time and find a place that really excites you. If you have the time, set everything up so that it’s a home away from home. Try to find a nice place to stay at each stop so that your whole trip is exciting. Once you’ve experienced the RV parks of Mexico, you’re bound to return again and again in order to relive this thrilling experience. If you want to know more on RVs, then check out URL.

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