Drive Past the Border to Explore Real Mexico with Mexico Insurance Coverage

Mexico insurance coverage

Baja Valle de Guadalupe

Mexico insurance coverage – Drive Past the Border to Explore Real Mexico

A border trip can be a lot of fun, especially if you have just a few hours of time to kill during a trip to a border zone in the United States. However, a walking trip across the border can have a few limitations that may leave you wishing that you had more time to spend. You might even wish that you had a car handy. You can rent a car and get Mexico insurance coverage so that your horizons can be expanded, or you can select authentic Mexican auto insurance online for your own vehicle so you can head south without worrying about distance limitations.

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How does driving make the tourist zone more interesting?

The attractions that are typically located within walking distance of the border tend to be quite flashy. While those larger-than-life images might stick with you for some time, you do tend to lose some of the cultural authenticity as you deal with Spanglish and goofy trinkets. You’ll still see some of this material and flair as you drive through the border area on your way out of the country, but it’s nice to be able to get away from the flash and flair to experience more simple and real behavior, food, and attractions.

The tourist corridor in some states can be quite extensive. For example, Rocky Point is an hour south of the border in Sonora, an active part of the tourist zone. You can enjoy top-rated hotels and resorts in this area. Be sure that your Mexican auto insurance online is sufficient for the entirety of your travel period so that you don’t risk an accident without coverage. Pro Tip: Mexico insurance coverage is required across the border, so buy Mexican auto insurance online for savings and peace of mind!

Drive safely around Mexico with Mexico insurance coverage!

Baja’s tourist corridor includes Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe, both an hour south of Tijuana. The relaxed atmosphere of these tourist-friendly spots is a great reason to include that extra hour of driving in your plans. You’ll love the spectacular ocean sites as you drive this part of Mexican Highway 1. Your policy coverage needs to be valid throughout your time in the country, even if you decide to park and stay at a hotel for an extra couple of days in the area. If necessary, you can buy additional Mexican auto insurance online from your wireless phone, tablet, or laptop.

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