Drive Down to Baja, Mexico from California!

Scenery along R – 1 of Baja California.

California is a massive state. If you live in its southern portion, though, quick jaunts down to Mexico are easy enough to enjoy. Many Californians like visiting Mexico for its low prices, fantastic food and delightful seaside resort towns. Of all of the Mexican destinations that are out there, Baja California presents some of the most eclectic and convenient choices for California residents. Why limit yourself to Tijuana, when the beauty of Baja California is within easy reach? Whether you drive all the way down to Cabo San Lucas, or if you only venture as far as Ensenada, you’re going to love the tranquility and serenity of this compelling peninsula.

Begin Your Baja Adventure with Quality Mexican Insurance Online

There are practical concerns to get out of the way before embarking on a trip down to Baja, California. The most important one is buying first-rate Mexican insurance for California residents. If you plan on visiting Baja frequently, it makes sense to invest in yearly Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store for California residents. A yearly Mexican auto insurance for California residents will give you the option of visiting whenever the mood strikes. Of course, its easy to buy Mexican insurance for California residents. Topnotch Mexican auto insurance for California residents is readily available online. Better still, Mexican car insurance for California residents is extremely affordable. You can buy a yearly policy for right around $200, or sometimes less.

Deciding where to Go

With a length of about 775 miles, the Baja California peninsula is anything but compact. Although it’s not very wide, it boasts 55,364 square miles of land. It’s bordered by the Sea of Cortez to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Within its boundaries, there are four distinct desert regions. Mountains, which are collectively known as the Peninsular Range, extend all the way down Baja California’s length. Amid all of these great geographic features, there are plenty of great towns and cities to explore, with Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Ensenada and Santa Rosalia just a few examples.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

Thanks to its abundant natural scenery, Baja California is a veritable wonderland for anyone who loves the great outdoors. You could hike to your hearts content through miles of desert, winding mountain paths or along surf-splashed beaches. Theres nothing quite like being in the Baja desert at night and seeing all of the dazzling stars overhead. Camping is popular in Baja; boating is, too. Just about any outdoor activity that you can think of can be enjoyed in this amazing peninsula. And to think, youre close to it all by living in California! Drive down to Baja Mexico from California!

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