Drink, Drive and Lose in Mexico!

Woman drinking beer while riding with friends in SUV.

Just like in the States, drinking and driving can cost you dearly in Mexico. While its critical to invest in Mexican auto insurance coverage at mexicaninsurancestore.com before driving into the country, that insurance isn’t going to protect you from the consequences of driving under the influence. In fact, your Mexico insurance policy will be rendered completely null and void if you are involved in an alcohol- or drug-related accident. There is never any good reason to drive while intoxicated; since many people head south of the border to party and have a good time, though, it’s essential to have an alternate plan in place in terms of getting back to your hotel.

Unhand the Car Keys when Drinking

Sometimes, its easy to get caught up in the moment when having a blast in Mexico. Your Mexican car insurance could give you a false sense of security, making you feel like youre invulnerable to serious consequences. Just because youre insured, though, doesn’t mean that you cant get busted for drinking and driving. Since your policy will be revoked in the case of an alcohol- or drug-related infraction, its always best to err on the side of caution. If you plan on enjoying a few drinks, make it a point to give your keys to someone who wont be partaking themselves.

Plan Your Evening Responsibly

Thanks to the Internet, its really easy to map out every last detail of your Mexican vacation. If you want to “party hardy,” it makes sense to plan those nights out on the town in a logistical way. For instance, if youll be visiting a party town, choose a hotel thats within walking distance of the main drag. Promise yourself that you wont be tempted into driving farther afield in order to stay out drinking. Your car shouldnt even come into play on nights when you plan on enjoying alcoholic beverages. Smart, well-made plans well help keep you out of trouble.

Always Have a DD

If youll be in an area where it’s impossible to stay within walking distance of the local party scene, make sure that you always have a designated driver, or DD, with you. One great idea is to alternate nights – you can be the DD one night, and your friend can be the DD on the next one. That way, everyone gets a chance to let loose and have fun – and no one has to take the risk of ending up behind bars. Is it possible to party responsibly in Mexico? Absolutely. Just dont risk your fun – or your freedom – by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Another good way is to simply take a taxi, expecially at night. You wont risk getting lost and taxis arent very expensive.

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