Don’t Forget The Kids When Visiting Cancun

A sought after destination by many spring break students, Cancun has a reputation for being a more adult-orientated, resort town. This is only partially true, as the area welcomes families by providing a host of family and kid-friendly activities. Depending on your children’s ages, they may be limited from participating in all activities, but many welcome all-aged children with parental supervision.

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If your family has ever been to a typical water park, you know there are various slides, tunnels, lazy rivers and for the smaller ones; a toddler play area. Cancun is no different offering the Parque Nizuc. Different from typical water parks found in the States, this Cancun location also has a dolphin interaction program. For the admission charge plus an additional fee, participants can enjoy a 30 minute dolphin encounter. Minimum ages apply so check with the park first to ensure all family members can participate.

Daytime fun in Cancun can consume the entire vacation day. If dad goes out on a fishing trip or mom is enjoying her day at the spa, parents in charge of the day’s childcare should head to the Plaza Las Americas. Here kids can spend hours visiting play area after play area. Choices include video game arcades, indoor playgrounds, inside climbing challenges and more.

Parents wishing some alone time while their children play can arrange to leave their children in the Plaza’s supervised play area. This only applies to children who are at least four years old; otherwise they must accompany the parent or be left at the resort with a sitter or in-house childcare facility. It is important to note though that all children left in drop-off resort child care facilities must be restroom self-sufficient. Children who are still in diapers (not training pants) may be cared for by private nannies or in-room babysitters.  

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  • Andrey Areeda
    May 14, 2013 5:50 pm

    Parents always want to see their children having fun playing. We headed to Plaza Las Americas to play and have fun. It was a blast with clowns and balloons and the food was excellent. We also enjoyed the road travel without hassles and Mexican car insurance did its part of protecting us.

  • Will Koniaris
    August 4, 2013 5:10 pm

    Cancun was a great visiting place. My children were especially excited about the trip there. I always wanted my kids to be safe. That’s why I bought the Mexican insurance before we went there for our holiday vacation that took place last week.

  • Allow your kids to get bored once in a while. No way to entertain children most of the time. Being bored allows them to be creative with wandering minds.

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