Do You Think Car Insurance Is Required By Law In Mexico?

Car insurance.

Comment: What do the neighbors think?

Well actually NO, the truth is you are NOT required to buy Mexican Insurance, however you are required to take financial responsibility in case of an at fault accident in Mexico, but technically, you could pay damages you cause with cash, or a check (waiting for it to clear) or you could buy a financial bond guaranteeing your obligation, but by far the easiest and less expensive solution is by purchasing a Mexican insurance policy online.

So dont always count on your well intentioned neighbors, as they usually have half the story correct. The problem is always which half?

Mexico insurance is absolutely needed for driving your US and Canadian plated vehicle in Mexico, but is not REQUIRED.

“The answer about the necessity of car insurance in Mexico is no, and yes, if you are driving in the Free Zone, Baja, and parts of Sonora. Only a handful of Mexican States have mandatory liability insurance laws. In most Mexican states, car and vehicle insurance is not required. This is because in Mexico it is “assumed” that if you drive or own a vehicle, you have the means to pay for any damages caused while driving there.”

Read the full post at Suite101: or head to Mexican Insurance Resources

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