Do You Need Mexican Insurance to Get Across the Border?

The checkpoint for vehicles from the United States entering Mexico at the Calexico border station in California, on the border with the Mexican city of Mexicali.

Just a few short years ago, getting across the U.S. Mexico border was incredibly easily. Back then, all you generally needed was a picture ID. Sometimes, youd be asked for a copy of your birth certificate; if you couldnt produce it, youd still usually be allowed to enter Mexico and get back. Things have changed drastically. Today, you cant hope to get across the border without a passport and a form of picture ID. Many people are under the impression that you need Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store to get into Mexico. You dont actually need Mexican insurance to gain entry into the country, though. However, Mexican insurance is crucial if you want to drive around Mexico without any serious trouble.

Buying Mexico Auto Insurance Online From Mexican Insurance

Upon arriving at the border, youll notice many signs that advertise car insurance for Mexico. There are many opportunities for buying a Mexican insurance policy at the border. That being said, its a lot better to buy your Mexico auto insurance online, from home, before you leave. Buying insurance at the border only makes sense if you completely forget to buy a policy before leaving. After all, the Mexican insurance thats sold at the border is often hideously overpriced. Many times, its not very effective, either. You can imagine the dismay of finding out that your Mexico auto insurance policy is worthless. Why risk that, when you can jump online and buy a less expensive policy in a matter of minutes?

Is Car Insurance for Mexico Required by Law?

In Mexico, all drivers must at least possess liability insurance. Therefore, Mexican insurance technically is required if youre going to drive around in Mexico. If you end up in an accident and cant provide proof of financial responsibility which usually means either cash, writing a check or your Mexico auto insurance policy, youre going to be in for a very trying time. Your car could easily be impounded and you could be detained for several hours, or even several months. Instead, just buy Mexican insurance and put those worries behind you. The risks that are involved in going without car insurance for Mexico far outweigh the expense of buying a policy. Whether youll be in Mexico for a day or a month, always buy Mexican insurance before you head south of the border.

Do Canadians Need Mexican Insurance?

Canadian insurance policies are not valid in Mexico. As a result, Canadian citizens must purchase Mexican insurance policies when they visit the country. Again, it is best for Canadians to buy their Mexico auto insurance policies online before they head down to the border. Buying Mexican car insurance along the border is not a great way to go. Besides, buying a policy online is really convenient and easy. Doing so wont take any extra time out of your day, so why not? Mexican insurance will keep you safe throughout your visit. Do you need Mexican insurance to get across the border?

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