Discover the Underground Rivers of Mexico!

Mulege river curves through a desert oasis in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Imagine a place where the thrills of spelunking and river exploration are combined into one. By visiting Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula and its many underground rivers, you can do just that. While many people associate the Yucatan with the ruins of ancient civilization, theres more to the area than that. By visiting the surface of the peninsula, you can discover some of the most unique and unforgettable natural phenomena in the world.

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What Are the Best Underground Rivers in Mexico?

In 2007, divers discovered the worlds longest underground river in the Yucatan; although the name of the worlds longest underground river has not yet been decided, its incredible length makes it absolutely unforgettable. Intrigued yet? If so, you can learn more about Mexicos underground rivers below!

Although its been a few years since the world’s longest underground river was discovered in Mexico, nothing has been done to make it more accommodating to tourists yet. Never fear though, there are plenty of incredible options available. Rio Secreto is a popular favorite in the area; the river is shallow, so you dont have to worry about going underwater. However, you will need to don a wet suit and other protective gear. Another option is to hire a local tour company to take you on guided tours of the various underground rivers.

Dos Ojos: An Unforgettable Underground River

Until more is done to promote the 95 mile underground river in the Yucatan, the most thrilling and unique option has to be Dos Ojos. It can be found just north of the city of Tulum, along the Caribbean coast. Entry is generally gained through cenotes, which are sinkhole entrances. The name Dos Ojos means “two eyes,” and refers to two cenotes that resemble two eyes peering under the ground. Although it can be quite dark in these caves and underground rivers, the water itself is generally crystal clear. When it comes to exploring an underground river in Mexico, you cant do better than Dos Ojos! Discover the underground rivers of Mexico!

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