Discover the Thrills of Six Flags Mexico!

Six flags amusement park in the southern part of Mexico City.

As sprawling and exciting as it is, Mexico City isnt a place where youre likely to be bored. If youre visiting the megalopolis with children though, you have to take care not to burn them out on the city’s many compelling cultural and historical attractions. Even adults can get their fill of such things, too, so it never hurts to set aside one day for unadulterated fun. Mexico City doesn’t have beaches, however, it does have a state of the art theme park that any American or Canadian is sure to enjoy. If youd like to get your adrenaline pumping, there are fewer better places in which to do so than Six Flags Mexico.

Make it to Six Flags Mexico with Mexican Insurance

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Whats the Deal with Six Flags Mexico?

For many years, Six Flags Mexico operated under a different name, Reino Adventura. Back then, the park less ambitious than it is now. Still, it earned a special place in the hearts of many Mexico City residents. In 1999, Reino Adventura was purchased by the Six Flags company. The park underwent some renovations and officially opened under its new moniker in 2000. Since becoming Six Flags Mexico, twenty new rides and attractions have been added to the park. Anyone who’s a fan of roller coasters and thrill rides will love Six Flags Mexico.

Enjoying Yourself at the Park

Six Flags Mexico is similar to the many Six Flags park that youll find elsewhere in North America. With rides like Medusa and Batman the Ride, youre sure to find something that will blow your hair back. The park is broken up into several different “villages.” In the Pueblo Polinesio, you’ll find the Pina Loca, or Crazy Pineapple; in the Pueblo Suizo, or Swiss Village, you’ll find the Vuelo Alpino, or Alpine Flight. You and your children will have an unforgettable time in this sprawling theme park, so plan on making a day of it. Discover the thrills of Six Flags Mexico!

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