Discover the Murals of Guadalajara with Mexican Auto Insurance!

When the topic of Mexican murals comes up, most people immediately think of Diego Rivera. Rivera was, without question, one of the most famous modern Mexican artists. His murals, which can most famously be seen in Mexico City, continue to captivate people today. Although you wont find any of Riveras murals in Mexicos second-largest city, Guadalajara, you will find works from several other preeminent artists. Scoop up some quality low cost Mexican Auto Insurance and make the trip down to this intriguing city to experience its amazing art traditions.

The Florence of Mexico

At times, Guadalajara has been referred to as the “Florence of Mexico,” due to its strong artistic traditions. With Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, you can travel down to this unique city and immerse yourself in its incredible art. Fittingly enough, the man who is considered to be the founder of modern Mexican mural art – Gerardo Murillo, or Dr. Atl – was born here. Once you have purchased Mexico auto insurance and made the trip, keep your Mexico Online Insurance  valid. You will need it for the drive back and to get around town safely and securely.

The Works of Siqueiros

One of Mexicos most celebrated muralists, David Alfonso Siqueiros, did some of his most unforgettable work in the city of Guadalajara. While you are in the city, make a point of stopping by the University of Guadalajara. Thats where you will find some of Siqueiros’ most famous work. It can be found in the Biblioteca Octavio Paz, which is the schools main library. Just wander around the impressive building to get a good look. There is no need to pay admission; everyone is free to enter the building. Youre sure to be highly impressed by what you find.

The Works of Orozco

Jose Clemente Orozco, another famous Mexican muralist, spent a lot of time in Guadalajara as well. As a result, you can easily find many of his best works here. The Palacio del Gobierno, or Government Palace, is one prime example. Orozcos mural of Padre Miguel Hidalgo with a torch can be found in a staircase there. In the dome of the Cabanas Cultural Institute, you will find Orozco’s “Man of Fire” mural. The one-handed muralist also contributed many murals to the University of Guadalajara; education-themed murals of his can be found in the school’s assembly hall. By the time you leave Guadalajara, you will have a much deeper understanding of Mexicos proud muralist traditions.

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    You won’t have regrets when you vacation in Mexico. On the contrary, Mexico is one of the most amazing countries to visit.

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