Discover Mexico Citys Museo Nacional de Antropologia!

Interior of The National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia, MNA) – Mexico City, Mexico

When it comes to Mexico, what you see isnt always what you get. For instance, a quick glance at the magnificent sprawl and size of Mexico City would make you assume its been there since the beginning of time. Thats untrue, though the magnificent city of Tenochtitlan sat there first and flourished for many centuries. With Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store, you can drive to Mexico City and learn more about the country’s long pre Hispanic history by visiting the Museo Nacional de Antropologia.

Finding the Museum

Driving to Mexico City is a wonderful way to save money. Since Mexico car insurance is very affordable, the trip itself shouldn’t set you back too much. Like Mexico insurance online, admission to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia is remarkably inexpensive. Considering how many treasures are located within its walls, youll be tickled with the price. Do not skip out on Mexican auto insurance though, without it, you could land in jail and your trip to Mexico City could be sidelined. Besides, you can order Mexican auto insurance online in just a few quick minutes.

Getting Started with the Museum

The Museo Nacional de Antropologia is a vast, sprawling place. By calling ahead and making reservations, you can secure an English speaking tour guide who will show you the place. Another great option is to use an English audio guide; English guidebooks are also available. Be sure to visit the Orientation Room before you do anything else; there, you will enjoy a film about the fascinating pre Hispanic history of the country of Mexico. The knowledge that you gain from the video will serve you well as you roam around this impressive museum.

Top Things to See

Theres a lot to see and take in at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. One definite highlight is the jade death mask of the Mayan ruler Pacal. A reproduction of his tomb is also on display here; his well preserved skeleton lies within it. Olmec heads can be found in the museum and are worth a look; a copy of the Aztec ruler Moctezumas headdress is also on display here. From pottery to weapons to jewelry, this museum is awash in amazing artifacts that will transport you back to the time before the Spanish stepped foot in this amazing land. Discover Mexico Citys Museo Nacional de Antropologia!

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