Designing Your Own Mexico Tour!

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For first-time Mexican visitors, during the planning stages, you see many places you would like to visit but feel a bit uncomfortable traveling to a different country and wish you had the security of a local guide. Unfortunately, many guided tours either offer itinerary that does not interest you or would conflict with your existing schedule. What if there was a way where you could choose your own activities, guided tour times and have the experience of a native townsperson? All of these requests are possible when hiring a private guide.

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Finding a trusted tour guide is easy and can be done in advance. Contacting the Tourist Information Center in your desired area will put you in touch with trusted guides recommended by tourism officials. Before contacting the guide, as a couple or family, decide which activities appeal to you. Make a list of must-see locations already known to you or list the types of activities interested in (touring museums, seeing the mountains, etc.). Since you will have to pay for this on your own, budget how many hours and/or days you wish to use the guides services. Rates for guides can vary; with native English speaking guides usually charging more than native Mexican guides (unless hiring one with strong academic credentials). As an average, plan on spending anywhere from $24 – $40 per day for a guide.

After contacting your guide and discussing planned activities, don’t forget to discuss payment options. Does your guide take credit cards or pesos? If there are any entrance fees, are you responsible for paying your guides entrance fee or will he/she build that into your daily charge? Make sure all details have been worked out before committing to the guides service. If at anytime during the planning process you feel uncomfortable, it is perfectly acceptable to contact another guide. Your Mexican vacation is an once-in-a-lifetime (or hopefully more) experience. Make the best of it by utilizing a knowledgeable, trusted guide.

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