Crossing the Border into Mexico!

Busy border crossing at US/Canada Border, Peace Arch, Washington state, USA

If you’ve never crossed the border into Mexico before, you may be confused and a little unsure about what to expect. One thing to keep in mind is that thousands of other people cross into Mexico each and every day. As long as you arent bringing anything illegal into the country and youre not wanted by the authorities for any reason, you have no reason to be worried about crossing into Mexico. Some people even go into Mexico every day for work.

Do You Need AAA Mexican Insurance to Get Into Mexico?

You need many different things in order to get into Mexico. Mexican insurance actually isnt one of them. You can technically cross into Mexico without AAA Mexican auto insurance. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should. Without mexican car insurance from, your road trip in Mexico could end in disaster. Mexican auto insurance is one of those things thats truly foolish to overlook. Just as car insurance back home protects you financially and legally, Mexican car insurance does the same thing for you south of the border.If youre planning on traveling to Mexico for a much needed vacation, dont stress yourself out worrying about crossing the border. At worst, you may end up in a long, slow moving line and your car may be inspected. Beyond that, it should be smooth sailing.

Red Light, Green Light

When you drive into Mexico, you have to fill out a form in which you declare the things that youre bringing into the country. Basically, if youre only bringing personal luggage in with you, you don’t have to declare anything. Things like tobacco, alcohol and more than $10,000 in cash must be declared. If you check the box on the form that says that you have nothing to declare, youll move up to a red light/green light area. When its your turn, youll either get a red light or a green one. If its green, continue on; if its red, pull over for an inspection.

Why Would You Need an Inspection at the Mexican Border?

Nine times out of ten, inspections at the border are conducted on a totally random basis. If your light is red, don’t take it personally – it doesnt mean that the authorities have any particular reason for wanting to search your vehicle. Remember that hundreds of cars are inspected every day. Most of the time, everything checks out and people are sent on their way within minutes. Just remember to be patient and polite. Once the inspections through, youll be on your way into the amazing country of Mexico!

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