Crack the Code with Mexican Insurance For Cars

Picking up Mexican insurance for cars might seem like a challenge. This is especially true if you might think your U.S. coverage is enough for a quick trip across the border. While some U.S. and Canada policies may cover your own damages within a very small border zone, the reality is that only authentic Mexico insurance coverage will be accepted by Mexican authorities if you are involved in an accident across the border. Deciding on the right coverage doesn’t have to be difficult, however. The following are are a few simple tips.

Mexican insurance for cars

Liability limits matter!

One of the most important factors is your liability coverage because each state in Mexico has different fatality benefits. These can range from the equivalent of just a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand depending on the state in which a deadly accident occurs, meaning that you must pay attention to your itinerary as you get a quote for your Mexican insurance for cars.

How to deal with damages

Mexico insurance coverage isn’t much different than your at-home coverage in that your damages aren’t covered unless you select a full-coverage plan. You can compare pricing for both liability and full coverage options as you research, and you may find that the extra cost isn’t unmanageable. This is also an important factor if you expect to travel in areas where crime could be a concern. Theft may not be a common issue, but full coverage Mexican insurance for cars covers you in such cases. Expanded coverage may be an even better choice because vandalism or theft of parts could be a problem. And the liability-only policy doesn’t cover vandalism or theft.

Mexican insurance for cars on toll roads!

One of the important needs as you quote your Mexico insurance coverage from is accuracy. Don’t overvalue or undervalue your vehicle when you generate your quote as this could result in problems as you file a claim. You should be able to get an accurate quote with tools on sites such as Kelley Blue Book. Additionally, it is very important that you insure anything you tow into Mexico with your Mexican insurance for cars.

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  • Adelaida Abel
    November 9, 2014 4:05 pm

    Whenever I take up my Mexican insurance policy I always make sure that it is a full cover. This ensures that apart from liability, damages are also covered.

  • Lashaun Looper
    November 9, 2014 4:10 pm

    Kayaking is my favorite sport and leisure activity. Whenever I have free time during holidays, I hurriedly drive from my place in San Diego to La Paz just to participate in Kayaking with my buddies. Thanks to online Mexican auto insurance cover that I never have hassles.

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