Beach in Coast of Cozumel island, Mexico.

Are you looking for diving paradise? Cozumel might be the answer. Besides the enticing and refreshing nature and turquoise blue beach waters, the city is also famous for historical landmarks, museums and golf courses. Whatever your choice is and it is your pick to choose the starting point but the most important thing that you should not miss while preparing yourself for the trip is quality Mexican Insurance.

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Cozumel is famous all over the world for its beaches. If you are looking for unexplored and secluded beaches, you should travel to the east coast. Punta Chiqueros is the beach that you will find on the east coast. Hang in a hammock and enjoy the nap while enjoying the sound of waves when they crash into the surrounding mountains. In case, you are missing some adventure but do not want to compromise on the serenity, Playa Uvas is an apt destination. It is just a drive away from Playa Chiqueros. Clear waters of Playa Uvas are best for snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach is also offers excellent kayaking conditions. You will also find a variety store, swimming pool and restaurant on Playa Uvas.

Playa Del Sol is another area worth visiting in Cozumel. Besides swimming, snorkeling and diving; horseback riding is also quite famous in the beach area. Playa Maya is a good place to see off an adventurous day. The serene beach is one of the most sought after destinations of honeymooners who want to feel the romance in the air when sun goes down behind the waters. The city of Cozumel is heaven for sun lovers and divers. The city features over thirty reefs where you can enjoy dive of your life. To get a closer of alluring marine life, you just need to dive. Some of the notable reefs are Santa Rosa, Colombia, Palancar, El Paso del Cedral, Maracaibo and Paraiso.

If you want to increase the knowledge about the ecology and know about the history of the island, you should visit the “Museum of the Island” which is located in the downtown area. There are four exhibition rooms that represent the broaden look of the history of the island.

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