Costalegre Mexico, Spoiling Life in Metros!

Costalegre south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Mexico travel advice presented by Whether you are driving to Mexico in a convertible, compact or clunker, taking a road trip to Mexico is always a fun experience. Review and compare the many Mexican insurance Roadside Assistance safeguard options and guarantees to help protect your vehicle for added security against accidents, flats or simply minor battery problems. Driving in Mexico has never been easier with high quality Mexican Insurance Store car insurance at budget pleasing rates.

Whether you are honeymooner or fed up same hustle bustle of monotonous city life, you should visit Costalegre – a serene and quaint area where you will find only two things: captivating natural landscapes and relaxed and peaceful surroundings that run for miles. Canadian voyagers visit Costalegre again and again especially to enjoy the perfect blend of nature, adventure and luxury. You can have great amount of fun with adventurous aquatic activities and land based sports. Surrounding cascade of mountains provides some of the best ecotourism areas in the whole of Mexico.

People planning to visit Costalegre should review, understand, and purchase Mexico Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store. This is because Mexico practices Napoleonic law and therefore differs from other North America regions. It is advised to purchase strong Mexico Car Insurance so that just in case you are involved in a car accident your insurance needs will be covered. Mexican law does not recognize car insurance policies offering protection in other countries and this may lead to major financial and legal in case you get involved in an accident. That’s why Insurance for Mexico is mas importante.

Costalegre Mexico, Spoiling Life in Metros!

If you want to spend your vacation within a perfect combination of sea and sun, you should visit Majahuas. On the beautiful white sand beaches of the area are worth strolling and you can bask in the sun in addition to camping and fishing. In addition to fish, you catch would consist of octopus, lobster and crab. Canadian travelers to Mexico visit the area for its turtle fields that are largest in the area. If you think you are a complete fishing buff, you should visit the region Barra de Navidad in Costalegre to be a part of International Sailfish Fishing Tournament every year in the last week of January. Barra de Navidad and Majahuas are also famous among Canadian surfers. The main surfing spot in the region is El Tecuan where western winds offer high tidal waves and put new challenges in front of you.

Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts find Tenacatita Bay the best place. While exploring through the extensive coral reefs, you will discover whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles and numerous colorful tropical fishes. Tenacatita Bay is one of the most sought after destinations for Canadian honeymooners. There are several unspoiled areas where two of you can easily find a cozy corner or go for swimming and snorkeling. If you really want to spend a day or two in this secluded area, you would need to compromise with luxurious hotel life. However, you can spend your vacation in nearby village La Manzanilla and Punta Serena and take a closer look of Mexican village life and enjoy fresh and traditional Mexican seafood.

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