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Mexican 1000 retro rally, Baja

The history of off-road racing in Baja dates to 1967, when the first Mexican 1000 take place. Originally planned from an airplane, the original rally started in Tijuana and continued through Ensenada to La Paz, with less than 100 vehicles participating. Today, the Mexican 1000 is a major attraction, providing an exciting time for both motorists and tourists. To drive across the border, you need Mexico auto insurance at Pick up Mexico insurance from before you head down.

Prior to the inaugural race, one of the founders would drive a Jeep around Baja as he toured the area and enjoyed fishing. Although this is tempting, it is important that as a tourist, you understand what your Mexico auto insurance at covers. Although Mexico insurance from is very comprehensive, off-road driving isn’t covered.

Terms and consequences

If you are bringing off-road vehicles for your trip, you need to understand that they aren’t insured for off-road driving. Your ATVs or other exploration vehicles will not be covered for these uses. In some cases, ATVs and other such vehicles can be insured for driving in Mexico, but in such instances, your Mexico auto insurance at clearly stipulates that off-road driving isn’t covered. Your golf cart can be covered for use on a golf course, but this is the only exception to coverage for recognized roads.

If you have an accident due to driving in unstable terrain, for example, your damages won’t be covered. This could be as simple as checking out a trail in the desert or as unplanned as trying to get closer to the water at the beach. A miscalculation could lead to serious loss because your Mexico insurance from won’t help with your losses in such instances.

Mexico auto insurance at is required on toll roads!

If you need to get your off-road vehicles to Mexico, towing may come into play. Your policy can be cancelled if you tow without adding towed items to your Mexico insurance from If there is a possibility of adjusting your towing logistics, each vehicle that could potentially tow a vehicle needs to include that vehicle in its primary Mexico auto insurance at when it is quoted and purchased.

Mexico auto insurance at keeps you safe and protected!

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