Check Out the Flea Markets of Cancun, Mexico!

Cancun, Mexico – March 1, 2017: Spring breakers celebrate in a popular Cancun nightclub.

When you review and compare Mexico insurance rates at and head down to Cancun, you probably do so with visions of lazy days on the beach in your head. After all, this sunny seaside resort is best known for its many miles of sandy beaches. Since youll save a bundle by buying Mexican insurance auto liability coverage, though, youll have a little extra money to spend. In that case, spending some time at Cancun’s vibrant flea markets is never a bad idea. Like anything else, there are good flea markets and not-so-good ones; learn a bit about how to tell the difference by reading on below!

Try the Mercado Veinte Tres

The best way to find the best flea markets in Cancun is by doing as the locals do. One of the most popular flea markets with locals is the Mercado Veinte Tres. Youll be glad that you saved a bundle through topnotch Mexican insurance resources, since this marketing is bursting at its seams with exciting deals. The best way to find this particular market is by asking a local cab drivers. Cabbies always seem to know where the best places are! You won’t need Mexico insurance to navigate the streets on foot, but keep your Mexican insurance policy handy for the drive back home.

Market 28: The Largest Market Downtown

Market 28 is another worthwhile option for bargain hunters. It is conveniently located right downtown. Since it’s so huge, you can’t miss it. Hundreds of stalls are packed together in this labyrinthine place, so be prepared to spend plenty of time there. Pottery and silver are especially abundant in this market; however, you can truly find just about anything. Sit down and get your hair braided if you’d like to enjoy a different look for your vacation. If you get hungry and thirsty, never fear – there are plenty of restaurants and cantinas in the immediate area. Make sure to put your haggling skills to good use to get the best deals.

Handling Pushy Vendors

One thing that makes some outsiders shy away from Cancun’s flea markets is the attitude that some of the vendors have. While most are friendly and laid back, a few are pushy and insistent. Keep your cool when and if you are approached by this type of vendor. Simply say, “no gracias,” and keep moving along. Don’t worry – these vendors are used to people walking right by them. You aren’t going to offend anyone – although they want you to think you will. Most importantly, have fun!

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