Check Out Mexico Citys Best Quesadilla Stands!

Grilled mexican chicken quesadillas with vegetables.

If you live in southern California, you are probably already well acquainted with the concept of the taco stand. When many people head down to Mexico City, they assume taco stands are the best option in terms of street food. However, Mexico City is also the home to many topnotch quesadilla stands. If youre not a fan of these cheesy treats, youve obviously never experienced a fresh one in Mexico City. Buy some quality Mexico auto insurance and drive down to Mexico City. Once youve sunk your teeth into a gooey, delicious quesadilla, you will be extra glad that you compared Mexican insurance rates from Mexican Insurance and made the journey.

Visit the Quesadilla Lady!

Fans of the show “No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain” may remember an episode in which he encounters the Quesadilla Lady of Mexico City. You could put your Mexico car insurance to especially good use by tracking her down for yourself. While the city is overrun with topnotch quesadilla stands, the Quesadilla Lady is believed to offer some of the freshest and most delicious quesadillas in town. To find her, take the metro to the Chilpancingo stop. She isnt always in the same exact place, so wander around for a bit. Alternatively, you could drive down there, just make sure that you have Mexican auto insurance.

Quesadillas in Colonia Roma Sur

If youre lucky enough to find the Quesadilla Lady, make sure to indulge in as many quesadillas as possible. There’s always the chance that she won’t be around, though. If she isn’t, dont panic. Instead, head over to the nearby Colonia Roma Sur neighborhood. There are usually plenty of quesadilla stands around in this part of town, and they are all generally quite good. Even the so called “bad” quesadillas are absolutely divine compared with what you would usually get back home. Spend some time wandering around the area before you head back to your hotel.

Visit the Mercado San Juan

Its always fun to visit a citys most popular markets, and the Mercado San Juan is definitely one of the best known ones in Mexico City. It has the added bonus of boasting several topnotch quesadilla stands nearby. Plan on spending a few hours wandering the stalls of the market. When you work up an appetite, you shouldnt have to go very far to find warm, fresh quesadillas. Stock up on a few unique items at the market, too, so that you come away with something special. You will always remember Mexico City for its delicious quesadillas! Check out Mexico Citys best quesadilla stands! To know more facts on Mercado San Juan, simply click on URL.

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