Señor Mex says: Many tourists wonder if purchasing a Mexican policy to cover their driving is really necessary. After all, how many driving accidents in Mexico do you really see. As this article indicates, they really do happen because of the hurried pace in some locations. Distracted driving also plays a role in accidents in Mexico. Additionally, tourists and nationals alike can deal with uncertainty about the rules of the road. It’s essential that you drive with your guard up.

Knowing that foreigners are expected to obey Mexican law while in Mexico, you need to recognize that coverage isn’t optional. It’s intended to provide compensation for loss in an accident, and not having a car insurance for Mexico policy can subject you to huge legal problems if you are in an accident. It’s important to remain at the scene to answer questions of authorities who arrive to document the incident. Your car may be impounded while things are being evaluated, and you may be subject to drug and alcohol testing as well. Your selection of car insurance for Mexico policy by Mexican Insurance Store includes such features as legal coverage, uninsured motorist provisions and auto repair at dealerships.

Yucatan Expatriate Services Article:

“Car accidents happen, especially in Mexico where people always seem to be in a hurry. The truth is that people often pass when they shouldn’t.”

A car insurance for Mexico policy by Mexican Insurance Store is available online or by phone for the same cost.

What Happens if You Get in a Bad Car Accident in Mexico?

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