Mexico Car insurance Online versus Toll Road Insurance

One thing that routinely throws travelers for a loop is Mexico Car insurance online. After being convinced that they actually need this type of insurance, some people are perplexed all over again when they find out that insurance is included on many toll roads. If you have insurance by paying a toll, why should you bother with a separate Mexican auto insurance policy? Here’s the thing: Toll road insurance is entirely different than Mexico Car insurance online. It’s not designed to protect you; it’s designed to protect the toll road itself. If you don’t have your own separate Mexican auto insurance policy and get into an accident on a toll road, you will be out of luck. If you were in the USA, checking out and calling for a free consultation could give you the answers to all the questions, but it does not work like that in Mexico.

What’s it For?

If toll road insurance isn’t designed to protect you, why is it listed on the ticket at all? It’s there to let you know that you will be covered if the road itself somehow causes damages or injuries. For all other incidents, you will still need regular Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. For example, if your car gets a bent rim due to a massive pothole, the toll road insurance will cover the repair. If you doze off, drive off the shoulder and damage your car, you will need to use your regular Mexican insurance.

Accidents and a separate Mexican auto insurance policy

Toll road insurance doesn’t come into play at all if you’re involved in a fender-bender or some other incident with another driver. The only exception would be if the road itself somehow caused the accident, which is extremely unlikely. If you crash into another car on a toll road, you will need to show the cops that you have Mexico car insurance online. They aren’t even going to consider the toll road insurance because it has no bearing on the situation at all. Don’t even waste your breath.

Be Realistic about Mexico car insurance online

At the very most, toll road insurance may give you a false sense of security. However, it isn’t enough to keep you out of jail in the event of an accident. Furthermore, there’s no realistic way to travel strictly on toll roads in Mexico. At some point, you will have to travel on regular roads. You won’t even have toll road insurance, so you’d better hope you have regular Mexican insurance. Don’t get confused: You always need to have Mexico car insurance online if you’re going to operate a motor vehicle while you are down in Mexico.

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