Senor Mex says: This is a very interesting article because it provides a few tips about what to do in the event of a car accident in Mexico. If you are visiting Mexico and end up being involved in an automobile accident, you are sure to be a little freaked out. As long as you bought quality Car insurance for Mexico, though, you won’t have too much to worry about. As this article notes, however, it doesn’t hurt to do a few extra things to be extra safe. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, for example, snap a few photos. What happens if the other party lies or if the cops get their facts mixed up? Don’t leave the scene until you have some sort of report in your hand either. It will be easier for the Mexico company to process your Car Insurance for Mexico claim quickly when you can provide them with plenty of extra info.

Abogados en Caracas Post

“There are a number of tricks that a road wise driver can use in buy to ensure optimum positive aspects from his/her Mexican personalized Mexico vehicle  insurance plan e.g. taking photographs at the accident scene and creating sure you have the police report duplicate.”

You can check out other sources here. At the very least, make sure that you always have high-quality Car insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance Store.

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  • It makes sense to pay for the full coverage if your car is expensive. In case of a road accident, you have a ready protection that will financially settle the issue.

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