State of Tamaulipas – Car Insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance

Car Insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance

State of Tamaulipas

Car Insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance – State of Tamaulipas

The state of Tamaulipas is the 13th largest state in Mexico in population, with over 3 million people.  It borders both Texas’ southern border and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as four other Mexican states.  It’s a fairly temperate area of Mexico that serves as a nice launching point for visiting the country and some of its favored historical sites.

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Tampico, though only the fourth largest city in the state, is known as the major city in the state, and its economic base.  Its considered one of the most stylish cities in the state, as many of its structures are based on New Orleans contemporary style architecture. The main port of the city is based here, and it’s the scene of the best nightlife in the state.

The capital of the state is Ciudad Victoria, which is embedded in the southwestern part of the state, with a population around 260,000.  It gets its name from the first president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria.

Its a city known for many bronze statues and busts of Mexican heroes, including Benito Garcia, who was a 5-term president of the country that spanned the American period just before and some years after the Civil War.

Its also home to one of the toughest golf courses in the world, the Lagunas de Miralta, not only because of the obstacles that have been placed within by one of the top golf course designers in the world, Joe Finger, but because the course is around 7,000 feet above sea level, which means it takes a lot of skill to play the course and not just power.

Other sites throughout the state that you might visit include:

  • MACT Contemporary Art Museum of Tamaulipas, in Matamoros, which exhibits are from artists all over the world, especially traditional Mexican crafts.
  • Casamata Museum, also in Matamoros is a war museum, the only remaining fort in the area, which also has a historical library of note
  • La Barra del Tordo, a beach along the Tamaulipas shoreline that also has lots of flora and fauna, Lora turtles, and offers sport fishing
  • Golden Dunes, a beach in Miramar, and Altamira, which is also the name of the city
  • Museo de la Cultura Huasteca, in the city of Cuidad Madero, a museum of artifacts from indigenous peoples of the country

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State of Tamaulipas – Car Insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance

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