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Although 95 percent of the visitors to the State of Guanajuato are from Mexico, there are many wonderful attractions to consider as a tourist to the area. Whether you visit the state for an extended period or whether you pass through the central location en route to another destination, you need to be sure that your Car insurance for Mexico at is updated before you go. You can get your Mexican insurance with at any point in your planning process, buying and printing your policy from your own home. Effective October 1, 2013 all drivers must have a Car insurance for Mexico at or same policy. The fine is $125.00

Art, Architecture and Food

Some of the top attractions in the area include beautiful colonial buildings and churches. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to paint, sketch or photograph as you take in the scenery of the state. You’ll also want to dig into the early history of the area, learning about famous people like Diego Rivera, a renowned artist from the region. Food specialties include unique variations on traditional Mexican dishes like enchiladas, tamales and posole. Whatever your interest as a tourist, you’ll love the culture as you travel through.

It’s especially important to keep issues like indemnity limits in mind when you select your Car insurance for Mexico at Guanajuato’s recommended limits are some of the highest in the nation, making it important to select the highest limits available for your Mexican insurance with A decedent’s family is entitled to more than $350,000 U.S. in the event of an accident in which a third party is at fault. This exceeds many of the options for a Mexican insurance with While some states have very low limits, it’s always wise to consider higher limits so that you are covered financially if you have an accident.

Your drive to Guanajuato can be planned from many different border crossings, but you will probably want to stretch it out over several days’ time to ensure that your travel is safe. Toll roads are preferred to free roads because they tend to be maintained more carefully. Additionally, your toll travel provides additional coverage besides that included in your Car insurance for Mexico at You’ll want to make sure that your Mexican insurance with allows plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful sites of Guanajuato.

Car insurance for Mexico at comes with FREE Roadside Assistance for a Trip to Guanajuato

Car insurance for Mexico at

Road Trip to Guanajuato

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