Car insurance for Mexico and Suntory: Exquisite Japanese Cuisine in Mexico City

As sprawling as Mexico City is, you never have to go far to find amazing food. In addition to being jam-packed with first-rate Mexican restaurants, the city has a variety of tantalizing international offerings. Suntory, a Japanese restaurant, has two locations in the city. Bottom line To visit either one by car, you need to make sure your car insurance for Mexico policy is still valid to avoid the risk of being uninsured. Don’t let your car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store expire while you’re in the city, even if you have no intention of driving while you are there. After all, you will still need to safeguard your trip with car insurance for Mexico coverage for your drive home. You may want to venture beyond the boundaries of the city too, and you will need valid car insurance for Mexico coverage if you decide to do that as well.

An Authentic Japanese Dining Experience

All too often, Japanese restaurants in Mexico City have generic designs that make them unremarkable. That’s not the case with Suntory. This place has been designed to replicate the experience of dining in an authentic Japanese restaurant. A lush Japanese garden setting makes you feel like you’ve been whisked away to Japan, even when you’re sitting just steps away from Mexico City’s World Trade Center. Lovely bonsai trees appear here and there and add to the incredible ambiance of this unforgettable place. There are ponds and waterfalls too, and you won’t want to leave.

Tempting Japanese Fare

As far as the food goes, you can expect to find all of your favorite Japanese dishes. There is a huge sushi selection, and the sashimi is considered to be among the best in the entire city. The tempura is also out of this world. After enjoying a delicious meal, make sure to try some dessert. Suntory is best known for its amazing ice cream, so sample some before you head out the door. Make sure to set aside a decent amount of time to dine here. There are sometimes waits involves, and you will want to take your time and savor the experience of dining here. It’s easy to see why this is considered to be one of the top restaurants in the city.  You may visit the site if you want to know more about Japanese dishes.

Car Insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance Store

Suntory: Exquisite Japanese Cuisine in Mexico City

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