There are numerous differences between US, Canadian, and Mexican Insurance policies. Mexico practice of law dictates that only certified companies can provide liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage done to others. The Republic of Mexico has no policy that dictates insurers to be tested and ranked to evaluate finances or claims paying ability. Your US or Canadian policy may extend physical damage coverage within past the US border for a limited number of miles. (Most do not) Take a minute and check with your US or Canadian insurer before you leave on vacation. Insurers sell car insurance for Mexico on an a la carte basis.

car insurance for Mexico

Buy Car Insurance for Mexico from Reputable Insurers

Numerous unrated insurers limit coverage in order to appear to reduce price, as there is no standard policy coverage. It should not be surprising, that the insurers with the best reputation for paying claims fairly are companies with high ratings. (It’s also safer to buy from a Global Insurer) Claimants may file their claims for Property Damage to 3rd parties on an actual cash value basis. And this is guided by Mexican laws. Review Kelley Blue Book in the US for accurate Mexico vehicle valuations.

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Questions You Need to Answer

To everyone insured, he must place the claim South of the Border for insurance coverage to apply. Mexican Auto Insurance, coverage, liability limits, and claims paying ability vary greatly between different insurance companies. You should inquire whether Legal Assistance, Bail Bond, or Roadside Assistance for no extra cost? Are large claims processed in the US? If so, this will make it easier on the insured. This is because there’s no more need to make extra visits back to Mexico to complete legal claims issues. Does your coverage allow you to repair your damaged vehicle in the US or Canada, as well as Mexico? Are you purchasing a snail mail paper policy from a neighborhood agent? or an electronic easily verified policy? Is the broker offering un-rated insurance company policies? This information will help you tremendously in the unfortunate event of an auto accident.

Most Mexico policies do not cover Vandalism or Partial Theft. However, some insurers include these in their better programs. Full Coverage includes Physical Damage to your vehicle. Hundreds of US brokers, filling station, towing companies and offer coverage at the border, but how many agents specialize in Car Insurance for Mexico and nothing else? Half a dozen ?

Look for Agents Who Specialize in Mexican Auto Insurance

For knowledgeable Mexican insurance information look directly for agents who do not sell Mexico policies as a sideline, but as a specialty. Many agents sell un-rated insurers who generally pay higher commissions? The only way they can afford to pay higher commissions is by limiting what they are covering, or by reducing or trying to skimp on claims.

As the economy proceeds in a state of uncertainty, it is most important to get good value for your money. And when buying a Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store you are buying from a financially secure insurer. You’ll benefit by buying coverage with an experienced specialist. Everyone is always happy and thinks they got a GREAT deal, until they have an accident!

Mexican Car Insurance and Why Ratings Matter!

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