Can I Do Fireworks in Mexico on the Fourth of July?

Fireworks in Mexico

Mexican insurance for cars with and Fireworks in Mexico on the Fourth of July?

If you expect to be out of the country for Independence Day, you may wonder whether there will be any fireworks displays in Mexico. Although Mexico typically doesn’t celebrate the U.S. 4th of July holiday, you can add a patriotic flair to your activities without much difficulty. It won’t be quite the same as your at-home celebration, just as your Mexican insurance for cars with is not comparable with your home policy. A Mexico auto insurance policy must be carried to satisfy your legal obligations to the government as a foreigner. A U.S. car insurance policy is inadequate for Mexico travel.

Finding Fireworks

It’s really not too difficult to track down Mexican fireworks to use as you have a little Fourth of July fun. The best place to check is at the local sweets shop in the area you are visiting. Whether you are passing through or staying in one town for an extended period, watch for dulcerias in the area. A dulceria is different from a tiendita, focusing almost exclusively on candies and party goods. A tiendita may sell sweets, but it will also carry small sizes of household goods and other foods. The tiendita rarely carries cuetes – fireworks. The dulceria, however, includes these as popular celebration goods.

Caution with Mexican Cuetes

If you’ve never lit a Mexican firework, you need to understand that these are not necessarily manufactured under the safety standards that you are accustomed to at home. Do not allow children to handle these goods, and consider hiring Professional Watch Guards or local assist to help you with the fireworks that you want to set off. Remember that even at home, many communities forego fireworks on the Fourth of July due to safety concerns related to fire. Keep a good distance between observers and the actual firework activity to provide a safety zone. Don’t light any cuetes that you aren’t comfortable with or that seem to be poorly constructed. It’s very tempting to go for the big boom with some of the more powerful options, but it’s really not worth ruining your vacation.

Mexican Insurance for cars with Includes Medical Assistance

While your Mexico auto insurance policy won’t cover your bills if you are involved in a fireworks accident, you may be able to get help with locating a medical facility or contacting an ambulance in an emergency. A lack of Mexican insurance for cars with may have you and officials seeing lots of fireworks as you work through the implications in an accident. Invest in good coverage.

Mexican Insurance for cars with comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

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