Buying Mexican Auto Insurance for Rocky Point; Sound Advise!


Senor Mex Says: Thanks for the great advice about buying Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point before heading down there for spring break! It is true that Rocky Point is, in general, a very safe place to be. As a tourist destination, though, it still attracts a fair share of unsavory types who want to take advantage of you. The chances of your vehicle being stolen while you are in Rocky Point are very, very slim; if it does happen, though, you will be glad that you took the time to buy Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point. On top of that, accidents can and do happen anywhere. Even if you exercise extreme caution, you cant control other drivers on the road. People tend to be especially crazy during spring break; if you end up in a fender bender, having a quality Mexican auto insurance policy will keep you out of jail. No matter when you go to Mexico, or where you go, always protect yourself with Car Insurance for Mexico.

Phoenix NewTimes Excerpt:

“Get Mexican auto insurance if you take your vehicle across the border. Stats from Rocky Point police show that 26 Americans had their cars stolen last year in or near the town. If you don’t have Mexican auto insurance, you’re probably S.O.L. because your American carrier won’t pay for the loss.”

Read the whole Phoenix NewTimes post. Before you head down to Rocky Point for spring break, buy top quality Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point. If you go without car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store, you may seriously regret it.

Stay Free in Mexico With Valid Mexican Insurance Coverage

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