Buying a Mexican Car Insurance Policy at the Border is a No-No

Most people don’t like being told what to do. However, there’s one piece of advice that every traveler should heed: Don’t buy a Mexican car insurance policy at the border. When you get to the border, you’ll quickly spot the row of shacks there where you can buy car insurance for Mexico. To the untrained eye, it looks like you have all kinds of options. In reality, most of those shacks are selling Mexican car insurance policies written bu unrated car insurance for Mexico carriers unrated. An unrated carrier is risky because there is no way to know whether they have the ability to pay the next claim. Many charge far too much for basically not much if anything extra and make you repair your vehicles damages inside Mexico. Higher quality, value added Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store is much more available online.

Why is it so Expensive?

You would think that a Mexican car insurance policy would be cheaper at the border. After all, most things in Mexico are pretty affordable. However, the people who run those shacks weren’t born yesterday. They know that if people haven’t purchased their car insurance for Mexico policies yet, they aren’t going to have any other opportunities to do so. If they proceed into Mexico without coverage, they will technically be breaking the law. In other words, they’re between a rock and a hard place. Whether you drive an SUV, hardtop, or convertible, those shacks take full advantage of it.

Why is it Cheaper Online?

On the Internet, you can line up a high-quality Mexico car insurance policy for a significantly lower price. Why is it that this coverage is so much cheaper online? It’s not because it is lower in quality. If anything, it is much better in quality. The main reason is because online providers have a lot of competition. If someone doesn’t like the price, he can move along to a different website. You can take full advantage of the situation by ordering your car insurance for Mexico online.

The Thing to Do

If someone was to take a poll of people who have recently driven into Mexico, it would be interesting to see how many bought their policies online and how many bought them at the border. Most likely, those who had the foresight to buy their policies online were probably seasoned travelers. People who’ve traveled to Mexico before are fully aware of what a ripoff an unrated Mexican car insurance policy can be at the border, so they are usually more likely to buy their Mexico car insurance policies on the Internet prior to leaving home. If you’re going to drive to Mexico, you should make sure to do the same thing.

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