Buy Mexican Auto Insurance and Mexico Driving Hazards

For most people, the biggest driving hazards we face include driving over potholes. Another driving hazard is getting cut off by drivers who don’t use turn signals or driving during foul weather. In Mexico, some of these driving hazards remain. However, there are others most travelers wouldn’t even think could happen, actually happen. When driving in Mexico, travel experts strongly suggest you buy Mexican auto insurance before your vacation begins.

Buying Mexican Insurance online allows you to make sure you get the policy you need at the best possible price. You can print your policy instantly, and you are off. Mexican Insurance provides the best Mexican auto insurance for Canadians, Americans and Mexicans alike. Mexican authorities now require Mexican auto insurance in order to drive on any freeway in Mexico.

Drivers need to be vigilant and be aware of the following road conditions:

Driving Hazard 1: Animals Wandering Around Day and Night

Livestock in the Road is a Hazard

There are many free-roaming animals in more rural parts of Mexico. Whether it is a loose cow who escaped from a pasture or a flock of chickens in the road, Mexico has many streets that are populated by local animals. Most highways have no fences or barbed wire barriers. So it is not uncommon to spot a cow or two or a horse in the middle of the highway, especially at night.

Carts in the Road

While some people may be used to seeing Amish horses and buggies, in rural Mexico, many people travel by mule and cart and sometimes, Mexican villagers pull carts by hand. People use carts to transport goods from fields or homes to markets. And travelers need to be patient, as many times cart operators will pull over and allow traffic to pass.


Easy to spot, many Mexican locations do not have crosswalks and pedestrians must cross wherever and whenever they can. Always watch for pedestrians including humans and dogs. This is because many small Mexican villages may have dogs roaming their streets alongside pedestrian foot traffic.

Inadequate Lighting

Many Mexican roads do not have typical streetlights. In more rural areas, nighttime street lighting may be minimal or inadequate for driving conditions. Country roads may conceal hidden dangers like wandering animals, potholes or even other oncoming vehicles. Avoid nighttime driving conditions. Mexicans view evenings as a time to relax with hot chocolate and desserts. When in Mexico, act like Mexican people and enjoy a warm, nighttime snack.

Other dangers

Other dangers can include speed bumps, banditos (highway robbers) or in Mexico City, smog-like conditions.

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