Brush Up On Your Spanish in Mexico!

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Considering the fact that Canada has two official languages – French and English – its not surprising many of its citizens are bilingual. If youre one of them, chances are that those are the two languages that you speak. In order to broaden your horizons, though, it never hurts to learn another romance language; to that end, Spanish is a great option. Many of the root words used in Spanish are quite similar to those of French; therefore, it may be surprisingly easy to learn how to speak Spanish. If youve been taking classes or lessons – but feel like youre in a rut of sorts – a trip down to Mexico could be just what you need.

Immerse Yourself in Spanish

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Break Past the Basics

All of the studying in the world cant make up for real world experience. By visiting a part of Mexico where Spanish is still frequently spoken – i.e., not a major tourist resort town – youll be able to soak up a lot of this fascinating language. By simply being around many others who speak Spanish, you will learn it through osmosis. Besides, when youre in a place where Spanish is the only language, you have no choice but to speak it – or to try to, at least. Educators agree that immersion is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language.

Return to Canada with Excellent Spanish-Speaking Skills

Unless you plan on staying in Mexico for six months or more, you shouldnt expect to return home with a mastery of the Spanish language. Don’t despair, though – even a week or two in Mexico will prompt dramatic improvements in your overall skill. At the same time, youll get to enjoy a nice change of scenery from Canada. In fact, why not plan your trip for the cold winter months? That way, youll be able to get away from the snow and ice, enjoy some fun in the sun and brush up on your Spanish all in one fell swoop. Brush up on your Spanish in Mexico!

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