Bring Your Pet To Mexico – Mexican Insurance Travel Guide

Bring Your Pet To Mexico – Mexican Insurance Store Travel Guide

Are you taking a trip to Mexico, but don’t want to leave Fido at home? Thousands of Mexican tourists bring their pets with them each year. If you want to bring your dog or cat along with you on your next Mexican vacation, there are a few items that you need to be sure to address before.

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Visitors are allowed to enter Mexico with up to two cats or dogs; if you plan to bring more than two animals, be sure to contact your nearest Mexican consulate or embassy beforehand.

When entering Mexico with your pet, you may be required to show proof of your pet’s vaccinations. Current vaccination requirements include rabies, hepatitis, pip, and distemper. It is important that your dog or cat be up to date on these vaccinations at least 15 days prior to your trip.

Pet birds do not require any vaccinations to enter Mexico, but it can be very difficult to get them back into the United States so it is not advised to travel with pet birds.

If you happen to want to cross the border with a horse, you will be required to present the proper research and paperwork from the USDA. Horses are also required to be vaccinated and have a negative Coggins test.

It is important to keep in mind that these requirements can be changed quite often, so it is always advised to check for the latest requirements before traveling with any animal. Once you bring your pet into Mexico, it is helpful to keep in mind that he or she may suffer from the same sorts of digestive issues that people often run into while in the country.

Whenever possible, try to provide your pet with filtered water in order to help keep your pet’s digestive system from getting upset.

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