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Cabo San Lucas New Years’ fireworks

Mexican Auto Insurance – Best Mexican Quotes for Celebrating the New Year 

As you look for great Mexican New Year’s quotes, one of the most common will be feliz año, which means happy year. This is a common greeting on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. You might be accustomed to the longer version, prospero año nuevo, because of the holiday song Feliz Navidad. However, many simply greet one another with feliz año. There is a much more important quote to consider as you obtain your Mexican auto insurance. Your car insurance for Mexico allows you to be sure that you have all of your values correctly entered as you select the right coverage for your needs.

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Celebrating el Nuevo Año

If you will be in Mexico for the New Year’s holiday, you may want to find a great taco stand as you look for a savory dinner option. If you are fortunate enough to spend the evening in a Mexican community with locals, you may be treated to some of the best tamales to be found. Fireworks are commonly used to ring in the year as well. However, those spending New Year’s Eve at a resort will probably be treated to more formal activities and even brilliant fireworks displays, much different from the dulcería cuetes of smaller communities. January 6 is another winter celebration, the day of the kings. Children leave their shoes out to be filled by the Magi, and you might be treated to a rosca de los reyes as well.

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Don’t go without Mexican auto insurance!

Remember, its not as easy as buying a policy and then you’re done. Be sure to purchase car insurance for Mexico and print the policy documents to use as proof of coverage. Technically, your policy is accessible electronically if you are involved in an incident and don’t have access to your documents. However, it may simplify the situation if you can quickly produce proof of coverage. An auto accident can be viewed as a felony, and tapping into the benefits included in your policy immediately can minimize the stress of the situation. You have access to emergency roadside support as well as legal assistance during your travels.

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  • Maurita Humphries
    January 13, 2016 4:50 pm

    When planning to travel around Mexico this New Year, visit online to get your best Mexican insurance. Culturally, Mexico is a very rich country. Every year, New Year is celebrated with some traditions. For instance, colors are related with their tradition where every color signifies important thoughts.

  • During New Year, usually Mexicans take their luggage outside then go for a midnight walk. Regardless of its significance, being covered by Mexican insurance makes sense for your trip protection.

  • There’s more you can obtain from your Mexico auto insurance. It allows you to get all your values while choosing the best insurance coverage online.

  • See the canyons and trek the mountains of Mexico in October. Before you do that, secure your car with Mexican car insurance.

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