Being Polite when Communicating in Mexico!

Walking through Queretaro -

Friends walking through Queretaro

Nobody likes being talked down to. Have you ever been in a place where people cant understand what you’re saying? More than likely, at least one person started speaking loudly, slowly and deliberately at you; it probably made you feel dim-witted and belittled. When you buy Mexico insurance online by Mexican Insurance Store and head down to Mexico, then, you should try not to be rude when speaking with the locals. After all, you are a visitor to their country! In addition to buying Mexico auto insurance before leaving, work on learning a few key phrases in Spanish. More importantly, practice being patient with those who cant understand you – and vise-versa. It will make for a much more enjoyable trip to Mexico.

Keep the “Huh, Whats?” to a Minimum

Thousands of non-Spanish speakers flock down to Mexico every year. Especially in touristy areas, the locals are used to dealing with people who cant speak Spanish. However, that doesnt change the fact that its annoying to be treated rudely. Expecting people in Mexico to know how to speak English is very presumptuous. Remember that raising the volume of your voice doesn’t make your English words any easier for people to understand. Instead of getting frustrated, bring along a good dictionary and be prepared to be patient.

Good Manners Go a Long Way

You take the time to buy Mexican auto insurance before heading south of the border; shouldnt you take the time to be polite while communicating, too? Attitude really is everything. If the people who you encounter get the feeling that you’re aggravated or upset with them, they will probably give you the same attitude in return. Speak slowly and carefully when attempting to speak in Spanish. If your listener can’t understand you, get out a dictionary or a piece of paper. Dont belittle another person for not speaking your language. Look at each interaction as a learning opportunity and you will have a much more pleasant visit to Mexico!

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