Beat the Heat with a Baja-Bound Vacation this Summer and Mexico insurance by

Mexican insurance by

Westin Cabos resort, Baja California

Mexico insurance by – Beat the Heat with a Baja-Bound Vacation this Summer

Looking for a way to beat the heat this summer? While you may find it odd that Mexico would be offered as a solution to a sweltering summer, a Baja bound vacation can be just the thing to keep you relatively cool. A road trip will allow you to enjoy the coolest spots and treats in the state of Baja Norte, and you need Mexico insurance by to take your trip legally and safely. Mexico car insurance from can be selected and purchased on line so that you don’t have to wait in the hot sun at a border booth.

How hot is Baja?

Baja Norte’s climate is much like that of San Diego, meaning days can be rather mild. There will be some warmer temperatures in July, meaning that you do need to select your destination carefully. However, evenings are cool, even chilly at times, making it possible to enjoy the pleasant climate as you camp on the beach or stay in a rural hotel. As the sun falls each day, a prevailing coastal breeze tends to sweep in, bringing moisture and lower temperatures. However, the beach isn’t your only option for cooling off.

San Pedro de Martír is a popular forest destination that takes you into higher elevations and cooler temperatures. You’ll enjoy birdwatching and star gazing if you camp in this area. You can also visit the observatory to view both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. The drive is rugged, meaning that you need to be prepared with plenty of supplies. Just don’t drive off the path, because Mexico insurance by doesn’t cover off-road driving.

Foods and drinks for cooling off

On warmer days, locals really know how to cool off well with delicious treats. You may want to check out paleterías, particularly the Paletería Michoacan franchise. You can also find street vendors selling bolis, the Mexican version of ice pops. Lots of fender benders occur on the smaller streets, especially in touristy areas, so remember to have your Mexico insurance by on you. Shaved ice treats are also available, but refreshing licuados are quite possibly the most delicious cool options in the area.

Things may heat up if you forget to buy Mexico insurance by!

It is illegal for foreigners to drive without adequate Mexico car insurance from Unfortunately, an accident without Mexican insurance by can be a terrible lesson in the difference between the Napoleonic legal system and your own. Don’t risk it when you can get Mexico car insurance from online in minutes!

 Mexico insurance by gives you peace of mind!

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