Beach Travel with Mexican Insurance for Nogales Travelers

Mexican Insurance for Nogales

Mexico Souvenirs in Nogales

Beach Travel with Mexican Insurance for Nogales Travelers

Nogales may seem far away from beautiful beaches, but you can actually access one of the most wonderful seaside spots with just a few hours of driving. Before you leave, get your Mexican insurance for Nogales out of the way so that your travel into Mexico is simple and quick. Although border booths may sell Mexican auto insurance for Nogales, you don’t get a lot of time to review policy details. With Mexico insurance for Nogales online, you can weigh the costs and benefits long before you start your engine. Mexican Insurance for Nogales Travelers is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Getting to Rocky Point from Nogales

The drive to Rocky Point is only about five hours, but you can take a couple of different routes as you drive. You can cross into Mexico at Nogales, taking Mexican Highway 2 and looping back up to Sonoyta before heading into Rocky Point. However, you can also travel up I-19 and west to Lukeville, AZ, via AZ-86. This is slightly shorter in driving distance and time, and your driving time in Mexico is much less. Whereas a Nogales crossing will result in more than five hours of driving each way in Mexico, a Lukeville crossing only requires an hour of Mexican driving time in each direction. While it may be tempting to skip your Mexican insurance for Nogales because of the limited Mexico driving activity, you need to remember that your vehicle should be covered at any time in Mexico.

Deciding on the Right Mexican Insurance for Nogales

Your Mexican insurance for Nogales will cover, at the minimum, your liability if you are involved in a car accident. It’s helpful to note that your own damages may not be covered in a liability-only scenario, especially if your vehicle is hit by an uninsured vehicle. Full coverage isn’t much different in price from a liability policy. The cost is a little more, but in an accident, full-coverage Mexico insurance for Nogales will provide better options for repairing or replacing your vehicle. It’s also important to consider the potential for theft or vandalism, expanding your Mexican auto insurance for Nogales if you are concerned about how you would pay for damages or replace a stolen vehicle. While Sonora’s limits are low for Mexico insurance for Nogales, it’s wise to opt for higher limits to ensure that you don’t end up holding a huge bill if you cause an accident.

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