Be Prepared when Bringing Your Pet to Mexico With Quality Mexico Car Insurance!

Senor Mex says: It’s generally best to leave your pets at home when going to Mexico. It’s nice to have your furry friend with you, but traveling is stressful for dogs, cats and other pets. If you absolutely must bring your pet along, make sure that you are prepared to do so. You will need to have veterinary reports and vaccination reports to show the officials at the border. You should also arm yourself with quality Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store to avoid being put in jail. If you are locked up, what will happen to your pet? Quality Mexico car insurance will protect you from being detained in an at-fault auto accident.

The People’s Guide to Mexico Post

Mexico rolls out the red carpet for two-legged foreign visitors and expatriate residents, but what sort of reception do pets receive south of the border? Will your new neighbors appreciate your Great Dane’s finer qualities or will they simply recoil in fear and horror at the animal’s intimidating size? Will you have to restrain dear Rex on a thick chain or keep him closely confined inside a yard?

Read the People’s Guide to Mexico post. When traveling with pets in Mexico, make sure you’re always as prepared as can be to avoid trouble.

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Traveling with Pets to Mexico

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  • Ahmad Greenwell
    July 18, 2013 6:49 pm

    Interesting thing I found out in Mexico is that they have cheap oil prices as compared to Us & there is only one chain of filling station through out Mexico that is Pemex.

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