Basic Tips for Staying Safe in Mexico!

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Nothing beats a long, relaxing trip down to Mexico. Although news about travel alerts and various threats seems to pop up all the time, the truth is that traveling in and around Mexico is generally very safe, especially if you follow a few basic precautions while you are there. The one thing to keep in mind while in Mexico is that youre not in the U.S. or Canada; what flies in those countries may not work out so well south of the border.

The Low Down on Mexican Car Insurance

Buy a Mexico insurance policy before you embark on your trip down to Mexico. Waiting until youre at the border to buy Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store puts you at the mercy of unscrupulous providers. Besides, buying your Mexico car insurance online allows you to be proactive about the situation. Print out a couple of copies of your Mexican auto insurance policy. If you lose one, youll still have a backup. In the event of an accident, youll be glad you have decent Mexican insurance.

Be as Low Key as Possible

No matter where you go in Mexico, its never smart to flash your money around. Avoid wearing overly expensive clothing; keep your most valuable jewelry at home. While its fine to keep your cell phone or mobile device with you, you might want to buy a prepaid mobile phone for use while south of the border. If you lose it or it gets stolen, you wont be out a whole lot of money. The point is that you dont want to be ostentatious while visiting Mexico. If thieves dont suspect that you have any money, they are more likely to leave you alone.

Be on Your Best Behavior

In the U.S. and Canada, a little bit of drunken buffoonery is generally tolerated to some degree. The same is not true in many parts of Mexico. Its all too easy to end up behind bars for public drunkenness and other misdemeanors. If a fight erupts in your general vicinity, get away as quickly as you can. If something about a situation seems “off,” listen to your instincts and steer clear of it. In short, let loose, but not too loose, while traveling south of the border. Basic tips for staying safe in Mexico!

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